IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Business Automation Workflow helps you digitize, automate and manage your workflows in your organization.

With IBM BAW, you can digitize your manual processes with its low-code drag & drop UI, monitor your ongoing business processes in real-time, and automate your approval flows.


BPMN 2.0 Standard

Design your processes following universal BPMN 2.0 standard.

Web & Mobile Compatibility

Use your browser or mobile device to execute, track and manage your workflows.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with 3rd party applications (ERP, Accounting, CRM, in-house apps, etc.) seamlessly and ensure data integrity.

Approval Flows

Send approvals to a task pool or directly to a person.

Advanced Tracking

Track your processes in real-time to get instant insights on the process progressions.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor and report process details, time spent on tasks, pending processes and approvals via dashboards.