IBM Filenet

IBM Filenet is an enterprise content management solution to archive, manage and share all kinds of documents, and visual materials in an organization.

You can store content such as scanned documents, Microsoft Office® documents, photos, e-mails, audio and video files with Filenet, manage them with check-in and check-out features, and enable people to access stored contents securely.


One-Stop Management

Store and manage your content form a single source.

Daeja Viewer

View, annotate, zoom, magnify, scroll, pan, rotate, and print your image documents quickly and easily with this special HTML5-based image viewer.

Role-Based Access

Set rules and permissions for people within your organization to access, view, edit, and share documents.

Easy Search

Find the content you are looking for easily by using IBM Filenet’s full-text search capability.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with 3rd party applications (ERP, Accounting, CRM, in-house apps, etc.) seamlessly and ensure data integrity.

Developer Friendly

Save time and effort with Filenet’s low-code developer tools.